Educación con Rumbo

Scholarships of Excellence

Aimed for boys and girls that are studying kindergarten, elementary and middle school. As part of the scholarship activities, we invite them to participate in the “Un Ángel a distancia” program aimed to all scholarship of excellence holders. Fundación Lomas I.A.P. through Tutores Lomas, who accompanies them; design a mentoring program.

Academic Scholarships

Scholarship modality aimed at young people who are in upper secondary or higher level, consists of the payment of total or partial tuition in public or private institutions according to the characteristics of each beneficiary.

Scholarships per project

Scholarship that consists of generating projects in favor of civil society organizations, educational institutions, or the community, creating awareness in young people of the importance of their support in great things. Among the benefits is the payment of full or partial tuition, in a public or private institution.